The educational part is not free though.

But seeing as education always gives the best return according to such greats as Benjamin Franklin, so it shouldn’t be.

Very few people know about a way to generate almost unlimited investment returns with zero money required each time you implement the strategy.

However I believe that will change over the next couple of years, to the point where it will be talked about in the same way that people have always spoken about wanting to ‘get into property’ – often without knowing the what and how to do it.

GITogether attendees will be ahead of this trend, and will also learn about my (adopts guru voice) secret sauce three-pronged way of doing it.

Here’s the video which explains a bit more:

And seeing as I’m about to implement (?) the third prong, those who are in a certain hotel in the Algarve in April will get the full details.

Here’s the details on how to book a space:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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