Ever heard of capital controls?

Greece, June 2015.

And Cyprus, 2013.

How about high denomination bank notes being withdrawn overnight?

India, November 2016.

And Argentina and Italy are potentially a few months away from defaulting on their debt obligations.

All of which could make Brexit seem like a storm in a teacup, or maybe we’re finally approaching this recession that’s been on the horizon for a few years.

Believe it or not certain countries don’t care too much about this sort of thing, in fact they can often prosper when the world seems like it’s about to burn (maybe the Joker has something to do with it?).

The topic of the September subscribers only guide talks about physical asset investment in a particular country, often regarded as a safe haven by those who know it and have been there (as have I).

It won’t come up on your BBC news feed, mainly because it’s so off the radar it’s unlikely to be good click bait to get that advertising money rolling in.

Which is great if you want to diversify your returns.

I’m not sure how much this one will amplify them, but if things do go a bit Pete Tong in your country you might be thankful for having been pro-active.

The deadline to see this guide land in your inbox is fast approaching, as always the Spend It Wisely booklet you receive almost immediately after signing up will likely cover the first few months of subscription cost.

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