I’m a few weeks late with this reference, however it’s important to mention ahead of the deadline to receive the latest subscribers only guide.

A couple of weeks ago here in the UK, we had an energy blackout that caused a bit of chaos on things such as the rail network.

One of my best mates was in London with his family, and sent some cool (but probably didn’t feel so at the time) photos of him, his wife, and kids – walking along the underground railway tracks in the dark.

A good story, when you’re back at home.

When I read the latest news about a trade war I always think about where that could escalate to (as these things can always escalate further). The most obvious thought is hackers hitting an enemy where it hurts – their infrastructure.

I have no idea who was responsible for the recent blackout in the UK, and to be honest I don’t care.

But what I do care about is how it could impact on my family and those close to me.

And therefore how it could impact on my personal finances.

I don’t have a stash of cash under my mattress, although I should probably look into it.

I don’t have a load of gold coins, although this will be covered in a future guide.

But what I am looking to do is diversify my investments into more physical assets. The more uncorrelated the better.

Subscribers learned about investing in classic cars a few months ago, and there are other physical asset related guides coming up in the near future.

The one that goes out to subscribers on the 1st September is also about owning physical assets, in this case overseas. Were you to invest in this particular idea then you wouldn’t care about a London blackout, in fact it’s the sort of thing that could lead to your investment going up in value.

The deadline is fast approaching, I hope your internet is still working…

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