Firstly, because that was surely The Governator’s worst role ever?

It’s pretty funny when you look at the cast from Batman and Robin (where Arnie played Mr Freeze) because it’s a bit of a who’s who of success and failure in the acting world.

George Clooney

Uma Thurman

The Governator

They’ve done pretty well.

Chris O’Donnell

Alicia Silverstone

Elle Macpherson

Not so much, at least from an acting point of view.

Something else which is quite likely to be frozen (apart from a film which I know I’ll probably have to go and watch in the school holidays) is investor’s ability to get their money out of certain investments which they probably thought were ‘safe’.

The latest of which is one of the biggest commercial property funds in the UK.

Following on from Mr Woodford’s fund earlier in the year.

And this is at a time when those funds were already shrinking (i.e. people’s pension pots etc were decreasing, and now who knows what will happen to them).

This is why the first ever GITogether, to be held in Portugal from the 3rd to the 5th April 2020, won’t have an advisor or wealth manager speaking from a stage – instead it will be me and a few other carefully selected individuals who are taking control of their own financial future (through some smart investment ideas that you won’t be reading about in the mainstream news any time soon).

As such it’s not for everyone, and in fact it’s probably only of interest to a very small section of the population – but those are the ones who won’t be worrying about having their pension fund depleted due to a freeze on withdrawls.

Instead, most of the things we’ll be talking about are utterly liquid, meaning you can withdraw your capital (and interest/returns) whenever you feel like it.

Sounds a lot better than being at the whims of governments and fund providers if you ask me.

I won’t be teaching you how to put your assets into a freezing environment, and hopefully the Atlantic/Mediterranean sea won’t be too chilly either (waka waka).

Details of the event are here, and remember numbers are strictly limited to twelve:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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