I don’t read/watch the news every day, and I definitely don’t have any ‘breaking news’ updates disrupting my concentration or time with the kids.

I stopped reading BBC News on my phone over a year ago. I realised that it’s just not that relevant to my day-to-day life, and my wife and friends keep on top of these things meaning I will at some point hear about tsunamis and other things which are affecting people around the world.

I realised I don’t have the time, especially if I want to spend four or five hours a day reading things which are relevant to me and my investments.

Now you could easily argue that whether Boris Johnson is pushing for the top job (which may have happened by the time you read this), or Jeremy Corbyn is currently top of the polls is useful information but I would argue that it’s not – until it actually happens.

At that time the forecasts and predictions will be over (on that particular topic at least) and there will be something else for the media outlets to write about. I don’t know about you, but I wonder what the BBC et al will do without Brexit to talk about, unless we’re going to hear about the repercussions and consequences each day for another 5-10 years – which is how long it will probably take until we really know if we’re better or worse off.

As an alternative investor I like to think more real time, and how the present affects what I’m currently investing in or looking to invest in. There are some things I’ve found which are unregulated and are what I now call Truxit proof (i.e. they pretty much don’t care what Trump does or how Brexit pans out).

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