The topic of this month’s guide includes a way to buy property at 30-40% lower than it was only a few years ago – in one of the most desirable locations on the planet.

You’ll be buying in a province with 40 miles of coastline, where neighbouring problems have helped to create such a low entry point.

Couple that with a strong pound (at the moment) and you could rent your apartment out for two and a half months during the peak season and cover off all your annual costs, selling up if you want a few years later when prices have recovered to normal levels.

Now some might think that all sounds a bit risky?

But remember, you’ll own a physical asset that’s yours to use for over nine months of the year if you so wish, knowing that someone else is covering all the costs.

You’ll be diversifying out of Europe, meaning you don’t care what might happen over here in the coming six to twelve months (don’t say I didn’t warn you).

A bit of Googling might help you to figure out the location I’m talking about, but even if you get that far – do you know how to act on this new minimal knowledge?

Probably not.

That’s where the value of the Guerrilla Investors monthly guides lies. It’s in teaching you about a new topic, and then telling you exactly what to do next if you decide you want to get involved.

I’m still yet to find a service which offers the same, especially across such a broad range of alternative investment topics.

Subscribers recognise this value in exchange for just £2.63 a day.

If all your neighbours do is annoy you, here’s where to find some lucrative ones:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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