Definitely not following the rules dictated by the mainstream media and education systems.

Instead I mean following the rules that have been created and honed by those who have done what you wish to do.

The easiest and quickest way to get to a desired goal is to find someone who has already done what you want to do, and follow exactly what they tell you. They will have already made all the mistakes, learned the lessons, fed those lessons back in to improve their knowledge, and will typically be able to show you a set of rules or a roadmap.

I’ve been following this approach for a number of years now, and especially when it comes to alternative investing.

It worked really well with crypto investing in 2017, along with other successful investments.

And as such I’ve curated a really small group of trusted people, whose insight gets coupled with my analysis to produce most of what subscribers read about in my guides.

In most instances I will have also put my own money into the investments, as to do is the only way to truly learn.

This concept of following the rules created by someone who is doing what I want to do was brought back to the front of my mind earlier this week – when I attended a training day near Milton Keynes.

Subscribers will know what I’m talking about as in last month’s guide I named this company and explained how following their strategy is a key part of my own plans.

The training day was extremely useful as it answered some questions I had about: their rules, how long before you can generate the types of returns I’m looking for, and the psychology around what it is they teach.

Subscribers found out some of this information last month, free daily email readers will need to wait until later in the year when I report on my own experience.

I’ll be following this company’s rules to the letter as their track record speaks for itself.

The rules for Guerrilla Investors subscribers are pretty clear:

1. Take a leap and sign up.

2. Read Spend It Wisely and start saving yourself some money.

3. Add that money into your alternative investment pot.

4. Read the guides that land in your inbox every month – each unique one is about a different topic in the alternative investment world.

5. For those topics that fit with your goals, risk appetite, target returns, and any other criteria – dip your toe by putting your money where your mouth is.

6. Earn GI Cashback along the way, helping to pay for your subscription.

7. If the toe dipping went well, invest again.

8. If not, I’m sure another topic coming up really soon will be of interest.

Nice and simple, especially if you like leveraging other people’s time, research, and analysis and can afford the £2.63 a day subscription cost – and you don’t like handing over a percentage of your money each year to your advisor or wealth manager.

For those who think they can do it all themselves, good luck to you and I hope you don’t go down too many Google or Facebook rabbit holes.

Smarties can find the answer here:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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