Regular readers will know I very rarely jump on the mainstream media bandwagon, so I won’t kick this one off by talking about resigning Chancellors or pandemics.

To me this is all (very loud) noise, but if you choose to spend your time following it that’s up to you.


I ignore all of it, save for my weekly roundup in the Saturday edition of the I newspaper.

That’s because I’m far too busy reading about things which can actually help me to push forward in life and achieve my goals.

Such as researching alternative investments (which members of the GI community often point me towards, or I find from my very select group of often paid newsletters), and then going deep into the topics which I find especially interesting.

One of these is overseas property, which would become clear to anyone else who joined a particular international community of property investors, or who follows a certain well known magazine aimed at retiring North Americans.

You, dear readers, get to leverage these countless hours of research, money, time, travel, and the contacts I build up along the way.

Much of which has led to the launch of my brand-new property sourcing service:

Your Golden Property

Property investors will be familiar with this service, which aims to save those who are unfamiliar with a certain location from making some often costly errors in judgement.

I’ve narrowed my focus over the past year to one particular country, and one particular region.

There are lots of reasons why, which will become apparent when you head on over to the dedicated page, and if we get on a call to discuss your requirements.

Regardless of your budget, these investments should be seen as bolt-holes which can take you away from the mainstream media and whatever other noise you have in your life.

That’s the way I’m viewing our upcoming purchase, and I have my eye on one particular property which would tick all my boxes (including being able to potentially pull all my money back out).

If any of this sounds appealing, and if you’re not a time waster – then it might just be worth having a chat to see what’s possible given your must-haves, and your budget.

Here’s the link:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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