Yes yes, the person you marry is the best investment ever (for those readers of a soppy inclination).

But a close second could be your wedding ring, if you got married between five and ten years ago and listened to the salesperson in the jewellery shop (or your mates).

You see, back in the first half of the last decade, I think to a man myself and my mates all decided to get a wedding ring made of palladium (the girls almost always chose platinum).

None of us had ever heard of this platinum and nickel secondary extraction product, but we listened to the salesperson who told us it would rocket in value.

Those salespeople were right, and today palladium is worth more than platinum and gold, respectively.

Don’t believe me?

There’s an article all about it on the BBC website today.

About six months ago I heard somewhere that this metal was increasing in value, so dug a little deeper and realised it’s because it’s used in catalytic converters, which are needed for hybrid (and petrol) cars.

What I didn’t realise however is that these types of extremely interesting newsworthy stories only hit the mainstream news when it’s probably too late for investors to see the best gains – as in 2019 the amount of palladium produced is forecast to be below global demand,

For the eighth year in a row!

I’m sorry, but how on earth did this not make the mainstream news in any of the previous seven years?!

The news outlets were obviously too busy filling our ears with the latest stabbings, celebrity misdemeanours, or sportsmen getting into fights.

Knowing this one year ago could have meant capturing 100% gains, even knowing it two weeks ago would have meant 25% gains.

I’ll leave it for you to decide whether there’s still some upside left.

But the key point is that almost every good investment opportunity is outside of the mainstream news.

Bitcoin, which until now was my most effective GI investment, helped me to a 165% return in five months in 2017.

The main reason I invested?

I only knew of a few other people who had ever heard of it back in early 2017.

The main reason I sold and crystalised my gain?

Too many people were jumping on the bandwagon, and you could short it (December 2017).

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If you’re even considering buying this expensive booklet make sure you’re actually going to do something with the information, otherwise it will just look like another nicely designed, worthless, investment brochure.

And hopefully you’re not tempted to offset some of your wedding day cost by selling that ring…

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All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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