If even the mentioning of this word has made you groan, save your time and stop reading right now.

I’ve had a good time with them, but a bunch of people reading this will just think they’re a bunch of numbers and the next ponzi scheme scandal.

Back in 2017 I did well out of Bitcoin and Ethereum investments, selling a third of my stake in the former on the highest it’s ever been, and ending up with 167% returns in five months plus a bit left over to diversify out into ten lesser known coins.

That knowledge and guinea pigness gave me some authority to write a subscribers only guide that went out in July last year.

Then at the end of September I decided I was a bit bored with monitoring the ten coins (and not trading them at all) and so put all of that (very small stake) into one coin, Tezos.

As at this morning Tezos is up 75% since I bought it, including a 14% gain in just two hours yesterday.

Which makes me think about liquidating that gain, re-reading the two best books I could find on the topic leading up to writing the guide last year, and taking this altcoin trading stuff a bit more seriously.

It will all come down to how much time and effort it looks like I need to put in.

As this is all now back at the forefront of my mind I thought I would do a one-off sale for anyone who would like to read the fifteen-page guide I published last summer.

To make it worth both our whiles I will get my printer to make physical copies of these, and I will also send you the two books I read and highly recommend.

The books cost £26 if you buy them on Amazon, but obviously you’ll only know which they are if you read the guide.

I will open this up until midnight tomorrow (4th February) and there’s no sales letter page for it.

You will need to reply saying you would like to buy the De-Cryptifying Crypto guide for £99, and I’ll send you the details for how to purchase.

All sales are final as always, so no money back guarantees.

And if you’re also enjoying some crypto gains in the lead up to the BTC halvening (possibly the reason, although it could also be due to the coronavirus, or Trump related), then kudos.

BTC is up 28% in one month for anyone who doesn’t follow these things.

To repeat, this offer is only open until midnight tomorrow.

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

Copyrighted and published by FOAR Ltd