Reading Tim Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Work Week a couple of years ago was a mindset changer for me.

I think there are some shortcomings with the concept, but it’s an impressive book and a great read nonetheless.

In this and other Ferriss books, he describes himself as a human guinea pig, which is what I’ve felt like over the past couple of years especially from an investment viewpoint.

I’ve put my own money into numerous alternative investments over that time.

Some have worked out well, some not so well, and some not as expected.

All of this has then been put through my analytical brain machine (and sometimes a spreadsheet) so I can work out how to tweak/start from scratch/never do it again.

I thought my background as a risk and finance guy (complete with a qualification from the Institute of Risk Management) would help, but actually it’s only when I’ve done something that I’ve really learned it.

Which basically means I’ve been the human guinea pig for the Guerrilla Investors community.

And always makes me think of the guinea pigs (el cuy) on a skewer in Ecuador which I told myself I would try before I arrived in South America – but I wimped out because, y’know, they look just like a chuffin fried guinea pig!

Anywho, if you’re not comfortable being a human guinea pig like me and Mr Ferriss, but you do want to get a deep dive into certain alternative investment opportunities – then you might want to join me and a bunch of like-minded people at the first ever GI Together in Portugal in April.

I’ll make sure fried el cuy isn’t on the dinner menu.

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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