“Fortunately, we have other sources of income.”

Thomas Shelby, Peaky Blinders S5 E1

Thankfully the brilliant Peaky Blinders has returned to the BBC, this time for its fifth series.

In the first episode the director went against the previous way of expecting us to figure out locations and dates, and provided both of these things meaning we could see that the year was 1929.

If you know anything about financial history you will have guessed what was coming, the Wall Street Crash. It was mentioned that their investments plummeted such that they were only worth ten cents on the dollar, dropping to five cents for the bank investment.

It’s very naïve to think this couldn’t happen again.

Probably not everyone picked up on this quoted line in the script, but I obviously didn’t miss it – especially as it’s just saying out loud what has been obvious throughout the first four series.

Shelby Company Limited has business interests ranging from bookmaking, public houses, manufacturing, race horses, and (large) properties in various locations.

If you’re paying attention to this as well as the great actors on screen (I really hope making Arthur the chairman of the board doesn’t stop him being the best one to watch), you can learn a lot about diversifying and amplifying your investment returns.

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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