The benefits of becoming a Guerrilla Investors subscriber start with the monthly guides.

These get sent out on the first of the month to all subscribers, are typically twelve to sixteen pages long, are full of what to do (less what something is), and have clear and actionable next steps for all readers.

So in themselves, these are worth the £79 per month (especially as my aim is that action takers can get ten times that in terms of value and returns).

But the most valuable aspect of being a subscriber actually comes from the two free benefits.

The first one is that you can email me about anything you read in the guides and I will personally reply to you, usually very quickly.

I won’t hand it over to a virtual assistant, or fob you off saying you can find everything you need to know in the guide, as often people will have some very specific questions.

I can’t provide personal advice, and nor would I want to (seeing as I keep telling you to sack your adviser),

But I will do my best to answer any questions, and if I can’t then I will almost always be able to point you to someone who can.

So this is benefit number one.

Number two is the one I don’t talk about very much, because it should be seen as an unexpected surprise as and when it ever happens.

In some cases I can earn marketing fees.

It’s not always the case, and it will depend on what the topic is as well as what the regulators’ view is on that particular investment area (and a few other things).

At no time will I look to push you into doing anything, remember my aim is education, not inducement.

But just as Nationwide will give you £100 if a friend or family member switches to them (most banks now do this),

And energy supplier Bulb will give you £50 if you refer a friend,

And Tide Business Banking will give you £25,

Etc etc etc.

Some of the people I speak to offer similar referral schemes.

So how does this benefit subscribers?

Well, if you can self-certify as a High Net Worth Individual or a Sophisticated Investor, and you’re a subscriber, and I can earn a marketing fee – well it seems only fair that I give a proportion of this to you.

At no point will I tell you the details about it, until the time when I get in touch to say I’m sending you a GI Cashback.

It’s my way of saying good on you action taker!

If you can’t self-certify then in some cases I can still provide this incentive, it’s just less likely and only for specific things.

Anywho, details about subscribing can be found on the homepage, if you’re so inclined:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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