This metaphor has been taken and adapted from something Chris Voss said in his mindblowing book: Never Split the Difference.

He says:

“Focusing so much on the end objective will only distract you from the next step, and that can cause you to fall off the rope. Concentrate on the next step because the rope will lead you to the end as long as all the steps are completed.”

A lifetime of lessons can be found in those two sentences.

How this relates to taking control of your financial future is pretty easy to see.

Soooo many people just think things like:

– I want to pay off my mortgage by age 35.
– I want to be financially free by age 50.
– I want to travel the world when I retire.

These are all nice goals, but they’re pretty arbitrary and probably aren’t really what you should be focusing on. Instead it’s more important to keep putting the next foot forward.

This can be easily done, you just need to hope you’re not blindfolded on that tightrope.

There’s so much information out there it’s hard to know what your own next step should be. I should know, I’ve spent the last decade or so trying to work it out as well.

But it’s only when I stepped out of the corporate world and gave myself the time to focus on how to generate income in the most efficient way, did I arrive at the small list of topics we’ll be discussing at the first ever GITogether in Portugal in April 2020.

It may seem scary to decide to walk the tightrope that is: taking control of your financial future.

But once you’re on it, you’ll be glad you took that first step.

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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