I can imagine a fair amount of people reading this are home owners.

Not that you actually own your home of course, the bank does.

But let’s stick to the topic here folks.

I then imagine a smaller amount of people, say 10% of readers, have other property related investments.

These could be property crowdfunding investments (I have a few).

They could be shares in a property development company (I have a few more).

They might be landlords.

They might even own some overseas property (I will have some soon).

To anyone who ticks at least two of the above four boxes I say, kudos.

Because if economic cycles expert Akhil Patel is right, the second half of the 18-year economic cycle is when you really see land (and therefore property) appreciate.

And apparently we’re about half-way through the current cycle.

I’ll be moving away from the crowdfunding investments, and into full ownership in various overseas locations (maybe with a mortgage or developer financing).

That’s because I want to own property outside of the UK, and I think only one or two crowdfunding sites in my home country will allow me to do this.

Do they know that in my favourite European country you can buy with only a 10% deposit as a foreigner?

Do they know that you can get a 30-year mortgage at rates of less than 2%?

Do they know that the banks have finally joined the rest of the world in allowing owners to re-mortgage?

Maybe they do, but maybe they don’t.

I’m going to launch a new service in the coming days which will appeal to any alternative thinkers and investors who want to diversify into physical assets in another jurisdiction.

I’m focusing on one particular country, as it just so happens to be my idea of paradise.

Keep your eyes on the emails dear readers.

And secondary kudos to anyone who spotted the Simpsons ‘monorail’ episode reference.

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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