Is because of a lack of patience, discipline, and use of feedback loops.

Bill Gates was fortunate to live near to a school which allowed him to use the computers in their off-peak hours – he used discipline to create Microsoft.

Pixar were a struggling company before Steve Jobs helped them out financially, and they were eventually bought by Disney. They showed patience.

Matthew Syed lists plenty of examples of the use of feedback loops in his book; Black Box Thinking.

The first two examples can be found in Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, and Ed Catmull’s Creativity Inc, respectively.

Both are recommended reading.

In order to achieve pretty much anything I believe you need to be a proper bookworm, and to understand the importance of investing in your education.

You also then need to apply what you’ve learned, otherwise what was the point in reading that book/attending that seminar/doing that online course/buying that booklet.

Most people won’t have the patience to finish that really important book that could change their life.

Other people won’t have the discipline to take action based on what they read.

And even fewer people will realise you might need to try out a bunch of ideas, learning from the successes and mistakes, in order to really achieve your goals in life.

You know, the ones which leads to all those “overnight success” stories.

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