He did it again didn’t he?

That pesky US President has pushed for something, got it, and Paul Johnson’s 1999 classic starts playing in my head.

Down, down down, d-down, d’down.

All over the board – Dow, FTSE, Dax, Cac 40 (first time I’ve heard of that one), with our FTSE having its worst day since January 2016.

There will likely be a bounce today, I’m guessing, but it’s crazy how this sort of thing is so common nowadays. I’ll wait a few months to see if the subsequent volatility is helping my new Forex trading strategy.

In the Guerrilla Investors world we’re not as interested in that FTSE performance as others might be.

You might have your pension linked to it, but you’re also looking to expand your horizons into alternative investments and ways to protect said assets.

The Umbrella Asset Trust blogamatic universe mini-series concluded yesterday, and I’ve already made some introductions to my friend who can tell those curious smarties all about this clever piece of kit.

To even further remove your thinking from the economic and political shenanigans I’ll be launching a brand-new product tomorrow, succumbing to the biggest request I’ve had over the past year from Guerrilla Investors and friends alike.

And because my goal is to keep bringing you alternative investment ideas, I’ll be following that up later in October with more ways to get your investment funds out working for you – with a focus on physical assets (that really couldn’t care less what happens with the FTSE).

Buckle up, keep reading, and see what floats your speedboat.

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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