Not Salesforce that’s for sure.

Although they’re best known as being a cloud-based software company, I’ve also heard people refer to them as the best marketing company in the world.

They’ve built the platform, but it’s consultancy companies and developers who build the final system for their clients.

No doubt my neighbour Paul (COO of Cloud Galacticos) would tell you I’ve got some aspects of this right and others wrong. But he’s far too preoccupied with Dreamforce, their annual mega-conference in San Francisco – which I’m constantly pestering him to get me a ticket for as it sounds ace (although the $1000 a night for a hotel room is a bit offputting).

But this email is about the best/worst marketing company I know, and they operate in the recruitment space.

I forked out close to £2,000 to join their platform in the summer of 2017, and if I was the type of person who had regrets – this would be one of them.

I’ve got pretty much zero value or return on that investment, and all that happens now is that I get bombarded with emails about things I’m not interested in.

As such they’re not a recruitment company, they’re a marketing company. And if enough people act on the nonsense bombardment, then they’re amongst the best.

Luckily for you dear readers (unless you’ve also paid a load of money to join this platform), I can save your bank balance and frustration by teaching you a bunch of ways to land Non-Executive gigs in return for a much lower outlay.

My NED Gigging booklet is currently on offer (use NED75 at the checkout to get £75 off the normal price).

You will also find a bonus appendix at the end of the booklet teaching all about acquiring businesses using none of your own money (this went out to subscribers earlier in 2019 so if you already have that you’ll need to decide for yourself if the main booklet is worth purchasing).

And finally, after you’ve finished reading it we can jump on a 29-minute call with me after you finish reading the booklet, where you can ask anything you want about what you’ve read and I’ll even provide a few weeks ongoing support via email.

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Stephen Wallis

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