Following on from yesterday’s email the beauty of the strategy I’ve been putting together (to fully implement should Labour get in), is that it has the ability to generate unlimited tax-free income.


Surely that’s impossible!

Is what 99% of the people reading this will say in their heads.

But it’s utterly achievable, you just need to know how to go about it.

I’ll get that alternative way of thinking started…

Do you know how much a married couple can earn tax free each year in the UK, just by maxing out all the allowances such as personal allowance, capital gains etc?

It’s a little over £70,000, not including inheritance/pensions/EIS investments/ISA income.

That’s £5,875 per month, which probably covers a lot of people’s household outgoings.

If you’re reading this outside of the UK, go and check the allowances in your country – it’s worth knowing.

Some of the Utterly Unregulated Investment Ideas relate to these different allowances, but if that was all the booklet spoke about then how could you generate unlimited tax-free income?

Therein lies the real value, and is why the booklet is pretty expensive.

It’s not meant to be bought and then sit in your drawer unused (it’s a physical product by the way).

It’s meant to be bought and acted upon, whether you’re looking to future proof yours and your family’s future or not.

Those who invest in their education will know what I’m talking about, and this booklet is a lot cheaper than a weekend seminar (if that’s a reasonable comparison). Plus you have something to refer back to, instead of a bunch of notes you forget the context of after a few weeks.

All of the details are found on the page mentioned below – the booklet is sent out in the post within a few days of purchase. The create your own bank videos will be emailed around the same time.

Use discount code UUII150 (once you add to basket and go through to the checkout) to get it at the September discounted price. That code won’t work after the 26th.

Details are here:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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