I’m a bit disappointed no readers have accused me of this yet, I was sure there would be a few not so smart cookies throwing this around.

Whether you’ve realised it or not, I’m all about taking control of your financial future – which is a million miles away from get rich quick.

In order to take a long-term view (such as never paying into a pension and retiring whenever you want, not when an employer/the government say so) you need to look years, decades, potentially even future generations – ahead of today.

My favourite alternative investment topics are those which are Truxit proof and have decades, or even centuries, of data and investment performance behind them (and I believe, ahead of them).

I’m following a few of the strategies already, and will be adding the others which are part of the GI Together seminar over the next few years, and every year thereafter.

I don’t just tell you about them, I’ll be showing you exactly how I’m implementing them (and how I plan to keep doing so going forward).

It will hopefully be a mindblowing experience for those who attend, especially if you can make a quick calculation in your head comparing the high ticket price for attending versus the advisor/pension fund savings over a lifetime.

When you do that, it’s potentially a no brainer to come and learn the details about these alternative investments.

The website update is currently in development, you’ll be the first people to find out about the date and details when that’s finished.

If it’s of interest, procrastination will not be your friend, as I will limit the number of attendees to twelve.

This is no get rich quick scheme.

It’s long term financial control, responsibility, and management – leading to wealth and freedom.

You get to see the good, the bad, and the fugly – all in (hopefully) sunny Portugal.

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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