Supermarket related pun kinda intended.

So who caught the news earlier this week about the 3,000 management roles being axed as part of a restructure at supermarket chain Morrisons?

But don’t worry, the company is creating 7,000 new hourly-paid roles at its 500 stores, so it’s a net 4,000 new posts!


Who reads that sort of nonsense and thinks, oh that’s alright then?!

I’ll tell you who.

People who don’t understand that those 3,000 management staff had mortgages, bills, and expenses which were likely linked to their salary.

They’re most likely SOMBIEs (Salary Only, Must Be Income Exposed) – so yes, that lack of forward planning has likely put them right up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

I really hope the majority of them have seen the middle management writing on the wall for some time, as it’s there for all to see in the pages of Daylight Robbery by Dominic Frisby, and Surfing The Techno Tsunami by Paul Hornsey-Pennell (amongst others).

But I’ll be amazed if even the tiniest proportion of these people have created other streams of income.

Instead they’ll have been climbing the corporate and property ladders, stretching the budget to buy that slightly nicer car, taking the family on that nicer holiday – all without any thought of what would happen if their employer pulls the rug out from under them.

Some people reading this will think I’m being mean or unfair.

Those who see this email for what it is will hopefully start making changes in their own lives starting this weekend.

Reducing your liabilities and spending your money wisely are a decent place to start.

Or you could make a total lifestyle change and learn How To Slognomore.

Which my book can teach you, seeing as I was once a SOMBIE myself.

The details are here:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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