Never heard of one of my new favourite people?

Neither had I before today, even though I’m a pretty big basketball fan.

Mugsey Bogues (another great name) on the other hand I was familiar with, so when his name came up in a book I’m listening to I thought I would see if it was true that he could dunk a basketball even though he was only 5ft 3 inches tall.

Apparently he never managed it in a game, but Google also mentioned Spud Webb who not only could dunk (even though he was only 5ft 7 inches tall), but he won the 1986 Slam Dunk contest.

Which blew my mind (as although I’m 6ft tall I’ve never been anywhere close to achieving this feat).

Thankfully there’s proof, here’s a one-minute YouTube video for anyone who’s interested to see how Spud could fly:

All of which got me thinking about people who limit their belief of what’s possible, especially when it comes to committing to and achieving their financial goals.

I don’t imagine Spud ever thought he couldn’t dunk a basketball, and look how that played out.

Limiting beliefs when it comes to financial goals can be a huge problem if they’re not changed over your lifetime – leading to not enough money to pay for spiralling care home costs, and working until you drop (maybe literally).

There are numerous ways to change this, it’s then about whether you take action and apply what you’ve learned.

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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