Actually, how many zombie films are there where the undead are the victors (maybe every so often during the seemingly never-ending Walking Dead)?

Maybe they lack military strategy due to being unable to use their brains, who knows.

SOMBIEs are obviously nothing like zombies, but they are: Salary Only, Must Be Income Exposed (zombies obviously have no need for money or salaries so any comparison is nonsense).

I was a SOMBIE, and then I figured out how to diversify and amplify my alternative investment returns, and my family and I now bring in multiple streams of income.

I have no desire to conquer anything, but I’ll be executing my financial plan and will likely never be one crazy request away from ending up in hospital with some stress related issue.

Been there, almost done that.

The deadline to get your own unique discount code for my Utterly Unregulated Investment Ideas booklet is approaching much faster than any zombies (although I probably haven’t seen even 1% of all the films out there these days).

This offer is open to anyone who replies saying they are a Sleepwalking SOMBIE and their long-term income is exposed to a single risk of losing their job.

Details are here:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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