“The contents of the book aren’t for everyone, they’re not even aimed at most people reading this.” says this former burnt out corporate ladder climber, turned alternative lifestyle educator – who committed to a slognomore lifestyle and has never looked back.

If you think your job’s safe, even with all that’s going on right now – then you’re deluded.

The furloughing will end, redundancies will come, as will hyper inflation or deflation and a bunch of other stuff we can’t even imagine right now.

Think the financial crisis was bad?

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, and that’s why I created my…

New book:

“How To Slognomore”

It’s a ten step lifestyle template, which has always been achievable and aspirational but since COVID-19 etc, it’s now essential!

If you haven’t prioritised building up multiple streams of income during your working career, then you’re a SOMBIE (Salary Only, Must Be Income Exposed).

I used to be a SOMBIE as well, and then in 2017 I collapsed on a Ryanair flight (remember those?) back from Bratislava and quit my job the following day.

At that point I decided to do the opposite to what I’d been taught at school and what everyone else was doing.

I was going to Slognomore!

Never one more crazy request from a manager away from collapsing on a plane, or worse.

I would generate various streams of income, spend more time with my family, and live the life I always wanted.

Stress free.

That was 2017, and now in 2020 I’m reminded of the situation which led to me being made redundant in 2009

Only this time, the economy and your day-to-day life is going to take a bigger battering.

Stephen Wallis

Teaching Alternative
Thinkers How To

But before I tell you about it, there’s some bad news:

  1. You won’t agree with everything you read in this book.
  2. If you implement this lifestyle your friends and family will think you’re mad.
  3. And it won’t help you in any way if you like keeping up with the Jones’.

So that’s the bad news.

The good news is that it’s a lifestyle template that anyone can start to implement almost as soon as they finish reading the book. So if your life isn’t exactly playing out the way you thought it would…

I Believe You Can Easily
Recoup Your Investment
In This Book
Many Times Over!

The contents of the book are potentially life altering, depending on whether you’re the type of person who takes action based on what they read.

It could get you out of your job before needing to worry about redundancy.
It could give you a much wealthier and happier future
It could provide security for you and your family
It could just as easily be the solution to all of the above.

So what’s contained within these immediately actionable 152 pages?

Here’s a sample for the try before you buyers:

  • The DLIATful way to start building up an investment pot (which is crucial to ensure your income exceeds your outgoings in the long run, starting on Page 60.)
  • Why getting to grips with your liabilities is key to a slognomore lifestyle (and yes it’s easy for everyone to do this. Pages 25 to 33.)
  • How to set your life up in the most tax efficient way (by following some simple steps starting from Page 107.)
  • The biggest obstacle you’ll need to overcome (which you probably haven’t even thought of yet. Page 35 onwards, and throughout the book.)
  • Why home ownership could be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make (Page 48 challenges your thinking.)
  • How the author of the ‘Black Swan’ concept might open your eyes to your financial future (it’s nothing to do with how COVID-19 met his criteria, and in fact it didn’t. Pages 59, 90, and 95.)
  • How to identify ‘viable plan B’ locations (and which author will provide the additional reading for why you need them. Page 46.)
  • And a whole lot more including:
  • Free bonus chapters including a real life tale from slognomoresville, in case you need any further proof of why you should be committing to this lifestyle.

    Anyway I could go on and on about the unique ideas contained within this book, but instead here’s the deal:

    How To Slognomore is a physical 152-page book (there is no digital component) that costs £47, with free shipping worldwide.

    Which is more than you’ll pay on Amazon for a similar sized book.

    Therefore it’s clearly not something you should buy on impulse and leave it to sit in a drawer.


    There Are No Refunds Or Guarantees,
    And All Sales Are Final.

    If that doesn’t sound fair, simply don’t buy it.

    But if you need a few more reasons…:

    • Don’t worry if you start to max out your tax allowances, there’s an overlooked area you can check out to keep HMRC away from your cash (no personal financial advice will be found in the book, but Pages 83 to 93 will open your eyes.)
    • Why the Switzerland of South America should be of interest (and it’s nothing to do with their legalisation of a certain plant. Starting on Page 112.)
    • How to acquire business assets using none of your own money, and why now is the best time to do so  (plus, why it will still be a great slognomore strategy even post COVID-19. Page 97 onwards.)
    • Three books which will free up loads of your time (meaning you won’t have any excuse not to implement what you’ve read in How To Slognomore. Page 20.)
    • Why SOMBIE’s retirement ages will likely be upwards of 80 years of age (Pages 14 to 15 explain why the baby boomers are NOT your lifestyle template.)
    • Why you should make the lifestyle change (Page 130 brings it all together.)
    • How To Slognomore can easily be read in one sitting – it then depends on whether you’re happy exchanging 40-60 hours a week for someone else’s benefit, and don’t mind that your net income looks very different to that number in your contract?

      Or you want to make a lifestyle change.

      This book is for those who want to take control of their lives and implement a tried and tested template, seeing £47 as a small investment in order to achieve that goal.

      If that’s you, get your copy while you still can right here:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

p.s One more thing, it’s important:
This book is a lifestyle TEMPLATE, not a do this, do that, instruction manual. You will need to commit to what it says, believe it’s possible, and then apply it to your own personal circumstances.
p.p.s. It’s based on a life-style, not a life-phase. If you think you can implement some of it and ta-da you’ve made it, think again. It’s a long-term commitment, but one which pays off in abundance.

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