…Without an advisor asking you to part with thousands of pounds in sight.

Yes, believe it or not dear readers, you can do your own short, medium, and long-term financial planning for yourself.

All you need is a spreadsheet.

Stick in your current income and outgoings, look ahead a few years when certain expenses might not be there any longer (such as childcare in our family), oh and don’t forget to include your current and future investable income and what percent return you’re looking to get from it each year.

If compounding that interest is your thing, then you can build a simple excel model for working that out – get Googling to find out how.

At this point however, most people’s planning will grind to a halt.

You’ve got your income and outgoings nailed down (such that the former exceeds the latter). You’ve put a future forecast in place (and you’re not going to just get a nicer car as that income increases or your outgoings decrease). And you want to get every spare penny in your savings account out working for you (instead of earning 0.05% per annum and at risk from a bank bail in).

You may want to get that money out working for you, but the number of investment options is overwhelming and confusing.

In steps my Utterly Unregulated Investment Ideas booklet to save the day!

It ain’t cheap, and nor should it be, as it’s going to solve this particular problem for you.

It’s short, but still manages to cover plenty of topics in great detail – including specific next steps for those ideas that are of interest.

No filler, just killer ideas.

Those who buy it will invest in their education once and see the return on that investment for many years to come – never needing to pay an advisor or wealth manager (a mahoosive saving over your lifetime).

As I’m doing myself, seeing as I’ve put my own money into almost everything contained within Utterly Unregulated Investment Ideas.

There’s a £150 discount off the normal price until midnight on Thursday 26th September (use UUII150 at the checkout).

As an extra bonus I will also give you access to an eight-part video series called Create Your Own Bank.
Procrastination is not your friend:


All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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