It’s been an interesting few weeks for anyone with investment interests in things like the price of oil, individual shares, Bitcoin, and anything else Trump or Brexit related.

With my own investments, nothing outside of the ordinary happened – which is just how I like it.

They revolve around property, businesses, a bit of crypto, and very soon forex trading and sports betting (those last two will move front and centre in the coming weeks after roughly eighteen months of research).

The property investments are moving along nicely to their expected outcomes, regardless of what happens with Brexit etc from what I can tell.

The business interests are similarly not interested in that “Breaking News!” and I’ll ignore the crypto stuff for now as the holding is so small (although I’m attending a webinar on Thursday to see if I should pay a bit more attention again).

Forex trading and sports betting are moving into the centre of what I’m looking at because they’re tax-free and will be around long after I’ve departed this world.

Even if crypto achieves what it’s planning to, I don’t see actual currencies disappearing any time soon. Similarly with sports betting, there will still be horse racing, football, golf, and greyhound racing in the coming decades.

Some of these topics is discussed in detail in my Utterly Unregulated Investment Ideas booklet, which is still on offer until Thursday at midnight.

It’s pretty expensive, and all sales are final. That’s to keep the new product junkies out and to make sure you actually do something based on what you’ve read. Regardless of what you think is going to happen with Brexit, the price of a barrel etc.

If you think you can’t afford the report, then you’re not thinking outside the box.

There are plenty of ways to generate an investment pot, you just need to know how to go about it. Action takers get my eight-part video series explaining some ideas as a bonus for taking a leap and buying the product.

UUII150 is the discount code to use when you get to the checkout to make sure you get the lower price, and I’ll send you over the videos when I see your purchase come through.

Do jockey’s still say giddy-up?

Details are here:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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