One of the great things about the North Yorkshire market town where I live is the number of excellent pubs within walking distance of our house.

The only decision that needs to be made when I pop out for a reading and thinking, while drinking, session in the early evening – is will it be a two pint, three pint, or even four or five pint tenner.

If I choose one of the really nice pubs, it’s between £3.50 and £4 a pint.

The Ossett Brewery one sells my favourite beer for £3.15 a pint, and the Wetherspoons and Sam Smiths pubs will come in under £2.50 a pint.

So it tends to come down to how much of my book I want to read, and how much thinking time do I want alongside doing that.

Making time for thinking is likely not something you prioritise, but if so I encourage you to find the time.

Yes yes you have a busy job, plus young kids etc etc.

But if you spend more than a couple of minutes a day on the book of faces or similar, you could be using that time in a much more effective way.

As Keith J Cunningham keeps repeating in his excellent book: The Road Less Stupid…

“Go think, you will thank me later.”

Luckily for those who attend the first ever GITogether in the Portugal in April 2020, there will be plenty of time for thinking, reflecting, and asking questions – should you so wish.

This is the reason for keeping the event small, such that everyone will have a chance to make sure they really understand the topics we’re discussing that are of particular interest to them, with zero hard sell on taking the next step.

That’s where the thinking time will be important.

It’s quite likely we’ll swap real ale for vinho verde in keeping with the local beverage of choice, with a chance for a Super Bock or two no doubt as well.

All the details of the event can be found here:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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