The Utterly Unregulated Investment Ideas booklet is almost unbelievably specific about the next steps readers need to take to get involved with any of the ideas contained within it.

It’s perfect for the lazies, and for those who want to develop a plan for how they could realistically replace their salary through their investment income.

It took me a few years to find, research, analyse, and get comfortable with the ideas I’ve written about.

You, dear reader, get to skip all of that time and effort.

Oh, and most of the ideas are what I would call armchair investments (bit of work up front, then they’re set and forgeters). The remaining ones are laptop investment ideas, with probably only one or two being active investments – should you want them to be.

The only way this physical product could be better for lazy people is if it came with a fully reclining, massaging, La-Z-Boy (or Girl) chair.

There’s nothing like this booklet anywhere else, of that I’m sure (and I know by talking to some advisers and wealth managers). Which is why it’s so expensive, as only those who are serious about taking control of their financial future should even think about buying it.

It’s an investment in your education, and a super cheap one at that when compared to some of the one-day investor seminars you’ll see advertised on Facebook etc. There’s no back-end upsell (as you’ll get at those seminars), in fact the only follow up from me might be to tell you about some GI Cashback you’ve earned without realising it.

Anywho, first thing on Friday morning I’ll send my list of booklet recipients to the printer. It will still be available to buy after that date, but no discount for you snoozie.

Midnight on Thursday 26th September is therefore the deadline to get the discount (use UUII150 at the checkout) and the bonus videos.

Finish that yawn then head on over here:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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