I love a brand extension.

Kit-Kat Chunky – brilliant.

Tab Clear – erm, average.

The latest example I’ve come across is from the local radio station here in North Yorkshire, Stray FM.

Apparently they’ve entered into the recruitment industry, which is pretty clever, especially when you consider their tagline for the promotion:

“Your ideal candidate might not be looking, but they’re definitely listening.”

Smart cookies.

I’m guessing they’re looking for companies who are having no joy with local recruiters or Indeed, and if they’re smart they’re charging recruitment company sized fees (which can be hefty to say the least).

As well as a fee to even put the advert on the radio.

Top double-dipping if so.

My membership to Virtual Non Execs means I’ve been notified of two new roles that went live today.

Our community is a lot smaller than the listenership of Stray FM, meaning if I was looking to expand my portfolio of roles I would probably have a decent chance of at least getting an interview.

Which is something that can’t be said if you’re sat on a recruiter’s database, hoping they remember you.

If you’re a business owner and would like an intro to the CMO at VNXD directly (he’s extremely well connected), or you’re a Non-Exec or someone looking to build a portfolio, and would like to do the same – reply to this message and I’ll happily hook you up (as he always says).

If you would rather just sign up without the intro that’s also fine, hopefully speak to you in the Deal Room on Chanty if so.

I have no idea what Radio Ga Ga meant, I don’t actually know if Freddie Mercury and the boys did either.

But if you’re familiar with one of the most common words in Russian…

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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