The previous email touched on the subject of regulation and governments taking an interest in alternative investments and technologies.

Some of this is good for the industries involved, but if we ever have a chat over a beer you might hear some of my controversial thoughts and experiences on it.

If you have an interest in alternative investing, then I’ve basically done the hard work for you.

I’ve dedicated the past couple of years to finding, analysing, putting my own money into, and writing about various opportunities which exist – outside of the stock market mainstream.

I’ve also got to know the senior people in a handful of alternative investment companies. Subscribers often get plugged straight into this network.

The guides serve an important purpose before this step, by kick-starting your education about a specific topic. In exchange for £79 a month and some focused attention around the 1st of the month.

Fence sitters are running out of time to make their decision before I put a cap on the email list.

Watch out for splinters as you jump down and over here:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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