Surely this is the ultimate aim when it comes to investing right?

Warren Buffet does it when he invests in the likes of Coca Cola and McDonalds (although you could argue we don’t need fizzy drinks and burgers).

It’s pretty much how Bill Gates has done it, especially in the earlier days of Microsoft.

Something that everyone needs is food.

What that might look like fifty years from now is up for discussion as we could all be vegans by then or eating something made by a 3D printer (Black Mirror fans).

The September guide talks about farming, as well as the property aspect of this.

Did you know that there are parts of the world where you can invest in farmland totally hands free?

Not even needing to live in the country as some smarties have figured out a way to make it a totally armchair investment from any location on the planet.

This pricked my ears up a year or so ago, and now my subscribers will read all about it including very specific next steps (as otherwise it’s just something you can Google).

The deadline to see this particular guide land in your inbox is fast approaching.

Miss the 31st August midnight cut-off and you’ll may be left wanting with others realised they needed.

Procrastination is not your friend.

A simple Gate to the Buffet is found here:

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