Ok, we may not be each other’s true love, and there are 16 videos on the bonuses bundle which means even if I’d thought of this earlier it wouldn’t have worked.


Over recent months I’ve created numerous products, reports, services etc and in almost all instances there’ve been bonuses given to the smart cookies who invested in these.

Right now you can purchase the bonuses for a super low £20, but if you’re reading this after Friday 20th December then you will need to wait for snail mail to kick back into gear before receiving the booklet.

The links to the videos on the other hand will arrive to your inbox pretty quickly.

These bonuses come in the form of my Spent It Wisely booklet (which went out to all new subscribers when I ran the monthly subscription), plus two video series teaching viewers about ways to Create Your Own Bank, and Proptions (for those who have an interest in ‘getting into property’).

If you’ve purchased UUII or been a subscriber, you’ll have to decide for yourself if the other bonuses are still worth £20.

Details are here, and I really hope no partridges fell out of pear trees during the writing of this email:


All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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