I’m in the process of putting the finishing touches to my next monthly guide that goes out to Guerrilla Investors subscribers on the 1st September, and it could be very timely.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – there’s a method to the ordering of these guides, and this particular one jumped up the queue by about six months a few weeks ago.

The FTSE was tumbling, Trump had tweeted something antagonising again, and although gold was pushing a new GBP high I decided to write about an investment opportunity further afield and less mainstream.

The fact that I’m part of an international community of physical asset buyers helps a lot, as well as having contacts in numerous countries all over the world.

For this particular guide I’ve had some conversations with my man on the ground, who I met in Mexico last October.

The result is a guide about a couple of very specific opportunities to protect your long-term wealth whilst earning a regular income. I’m pretty sure those 100-year Austrian bonds aren’t going to deliver the same sort of results (where crazily the yields have fallen due to the amount of demand in these and the German negatively yielding ones!).

If you take all your investment education from the mainstream news you’ll get more or less the same results as everyone else. By reading these emails you’re opening your eyes to what the minority invest in (often lucratively).

During my time in Jersey, and pretty much every day over the past couple of years, I’ve focused my energy on looking at what everyone else is doing – and figuring out how to do the complete opposite.

The September guide is very much in that ‘doing the opposite’ camp.

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All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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