You wait months and months for it to happen, and then two come along at once.

After fending off some potential spammers on my website yesterday morning, the afternoon became an exercise in trying to explain to a couple of easily offended types that I’m not a financial advisor (as one of them seemed to think).

This particular person told me to fear the FCA, obviously not taking the time to see that you won’t find any advice on my website, simply an attempt to drag people out of group think and educate them on all things alternative finance related.

I’m pretty sure the fact that I have a product called Utterly Unregulated Investment Ideas would have made that obvious.

The second person, a business introducer and consultant, recommended I change my message and that my Shaun of the Dead reference implied he couldn’t find his own financial advice – if he wants to pay an advisor for the rest of his days then good luck to him.

The main reason why I don’t think people need an advisor is because they charge massive fees. I’ve heard examples of this reducing your investment returns by 50% over a lifetime.

No thanks, especially after the recent scandal surrounding St James’ Place, oh and has Mr Woodford allowed investors to withdraw any of their money yet?

Another well known company here in the UK, Hargreaves Lansdown, promoted Woodford’s funds as if their lives (and profits) depended on it – even when he switched a load of the investments into unlisted companies.

I think I’ll pass on the advisor assistance thanks.

But the alternative is not easy, and requires an open mind and some effort on your part (oops I gave you some advice).

So if unlike my Digital Marketing Manager and Business Consultant friends you would like to educate yourself on alternative investments and take control of your own financial future – without an advisor in sight.

Then keep reading these emails and see if any of the blatant promotions resonate.

Too late to get the discount on UUII, but keep your eyes on your emails over the coming days as I’ve convinced a friend of mine to give you an introduction to asset protection.

Those lessons (not advice) start tomorrow.

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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