Did anyone catch the news story the other day about the crackdown on mini-bonds?

Whether this is another of the regulator’s knee-jerk reactions (based on London Capital & Finance for example) or not, is beside the point.

What is important to realise is that the regulator is clamping down on more and more investment areas (see my crypto comments yesterday), especially when it comes to what retail investors can access (such as crypto).

Keeping the masses tied to opt-in pensions perhaps?

Again, beside the point.

I’m on the Board of a peer-to-peer lender in Leeds, and we’ll be subjected to new rules in a couple of weeks which will mean that all potential lenders will need to pass a reasonably rigorous test to determine whether they are smart enough to invest (basically).

So there’s a reason why all of the topics I’ll be talking about at the first ever GI Together in Portugal in April are open to everyone.

Retail investor, High Net Worth Individual, Sophisticated Investor – all are welcome, and no-one will need to leave the room at certain times so I can discuss the juicy stuff with just the last two groups.

As such, this event will give people the opportunity to see how they can realistically take control of their financial future – without ever needing to pay for an advisor, or pay into a pension (the latter will require more thought for each individual, but I stopped paying in years ago (also due to the fees they take and my lack of control over what they invest in)).

If any of this scares you or sounds like too much hard work (it often isn’t), then definitely don’t attend – even if you like the idea of a weekend away in (hopefully) sunny Portugal.

For those who read these emails and always refer it back to taking control of their own financial future, this could be the event you’ve been waiting for.

Details are coming soon.

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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