I’m not a fan of money back guarantees, if you’ve ever read through one of my sales letters you’ll see that. It encourages apathy towards what you’ve invested your hard-earned money into.

I’m also not a fan of free stuff, it tends to be worth every penny.

What I do like however, is when I purchase something that very quickly pays for itself.

As happens for Guerrilla Investor subscribers when they get some GI Cashback after reading about a topic and dipping their toe with their own money.

I ain’t just jibber jabbering when I say I reward the action takers.

When it comes to the monthly subscription I believe most new subscribers will be able to get at least a couple of months’ worth of the subscription cost back in household savings and new income streams, pretty much immediately.

Which basically means you can take a few months to decide if the guides are a good investment, and no hard feelings if they’re not and you cancel.

I won’t let you back in at a later date of course, but why would you want to re-subscribe when you’ve already decided my guides to different alternative investments don’t fit in with your personal goals.

The contents of the Spend It Wisely booklet will save you money for years to come, which essentially de-risks the £79 for the first month to practically zero.

If you have a funny feeling your monthly outgoings are higher than they should be, you need to read this booklet.

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All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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