The September guide is called Safe Haven Seguridad – which gives you an idea as to the region it might cover (although that’s one big region amigos!).

My contact in this country is one of the most senior contacts I have in my address book.

He’s a Managing Partner in his home country, and a Board member of their Latin American business.

He very kindly took time out from a Board meeting in Costa Rica to help me to add a few details to the guide, and his contact details are included in the next steps at the end.

Mi contacto es su contacto.

If the topic is of interest, he can help you with all aspects of getting involved.

A Google search or however else you go about taking control of your financial future won’t give you direct access to these types of people, with an intro from me if you so wish dear readers.

The deadline to see this guide land in your inbox will be gone faster than you can drink some yerba mate from a calabash gourd.

Vamos aqui:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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