For those who are reading this outside of the UK you can likely find the following on YouTube, it’s worth a watch…

For those who watch any terrestrial tv here in Blighty you may have seen this jointly commissioned advert by the Financial Conduct Authority and The Pensions Regulator which shows a couple who have been fleeced of their hard earned savings by a dodgy pensions adviser.

The advert cuts between the distraught couple and the young adviser, who seems to enjoy jet-skiiing in a sun-soaked country.

The story is that this fraudster has run off with their money, and that you should check the credentials of anyone you work with.

Good advice, no doubt about that.

However just because an adviser is regulated doesn’t mean they won’t still be jet-skiing in a sun-soaked country with the money they’ve made from helping to invest your money.

That’s because depending on how big your investment pot is, plus how long you work with them, plus what commission or fees they charge – you may still be funding their extravagance.

Even though it’s all above board and they have the necessary qualifications.

My main qualifications when it comes to my work with Guerrilla Investors are the following:

– Over a decade of experience climbing the risk and finance corporate ladder, mainly in the financial services and financial technology industries.

– Qualifying as a risk professional through the Institute of Risk Management.

– Putting my own money into the majority of the investments I write about.

I don’t provide personal advice, I don’t provide opinion or recommendation, but I have made it my mission to teach as many action takers and independent thinkers as possible, about the fantastic world of alternative investments.

Where you can diversify and amplify your returns simply by learning the key points about a topic, conducting your own thorough due diligence and research, and then dipping your toe into those which fit with your investment goals.

So as you can see, it’s aimed directly at a certain type of person.

The August guide is a proper armchair investment, meaning there’s some work to do up front and then it’s a set and forgeter.

Meaning if you need your money back on a particular day, this isn’t for you.

But if you’re looking for ways to diversify a proportion of your funds, and you’re a higher rate tax-payer, it’s an interesting option.

Your decision is pretty simple.


1. Subscribe before the 31st July deadline and see the guide land in your inbox the next morning.

2. Go away and conduct your own research, now you know the topic.

3. Do nothing.

If your plan is to do number two then good luck to you, especially when it comes to finding trusted investment professionals to explain what EIS is and guide you through the process. I really hope they don’t cost into the hundreds of pounds just for their advice.

If it’s number three, I’m guessing you had something more important to do.

The next step for those who want to follow the number one route, is here:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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