On a daily basis I’m thinking at least three years ahead. When I really spend time thinking and planning I get into ten to twenty-year horizons.

Now a bus could run me over before then.

Or a hoverboard.

But I like to think this far ahead, as without a plan I would never know if I’m heading in the right direction.

For the guide that lands in subscribers inboxes tomorrow I’ve done a fair bit of the thinking for higher rate tax-payers.

I’ll even introduce those who can self-certify as high net worth individuals or sophisticated investors straight into my contact in the EIS industry.

But after the midnight deadline tonight this guide may or may never be available again to buy as a back issue – I’m also changing my mind about stuff like that. It keeps the opportunistic new product junkies out of the subscription area.

And a Guerrilla Investors subscription can do diddly squat for those types of people.

You know the ones, they tell you about a brand new thing they just heard about but under questioning they can’t actually explain anything about it or the research and analysis they’ve already conducted themselves.

Be very careful taking advice from these types of friends or family members.

Luckily for you my monthly guides, although short so they can be read in one sitting and acted on almost immediately, are filled with lots of information on what to do – less so on what something is (although that’s always covered in a brief intro).

Allowing you to dedicate your thinking time to what to do with this new knowledge, linked to your own personal finances and circumstances.

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All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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