And it comes in the form of a forty-page booklet.

Double-digititis is the clinical term for people who think that any sort of investment return over 9.99% must be so high risk that they should vaccinate themselves against it.

They forget that around a decade ago you could earn close to 7% per annum from a one-year term deposit with a bank where your money had the government compensation scheme attached to it (I got something like 6.7% from favourite ICICI in 2009).

But because savings rates are a joke, term deposits barely more so, and cash ISAs also paying under 1.5% per annum these poor infected souls think that anything above say 4% per annum must have such high risk attached to it that it should be immediately ignored.

Those who joined my small group a few weeks ago know that actually you can earn well into the double-digits with solid property-backed security and clear exit strategies in place.

Some of the ideas contained within my Utterly Unregulated Investment Ideas booklet actually have the ability to generate triple-digit returns over a few years – I’ll let you figure out what that leads to if you don’t need to take the income and can compound the returns over a ten to twenty year horizon.

So what did you do today to move you closer to your financial goals?

And are you still suffering from double-digititis?

UUII can be the cure, but you’ll need to choose the red pill Neo:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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