So yesterday you heard about my redundancy back in 2009.

My other kick up the backside came in early 2017 when I was off work for two weeks with stress and exhaustion, and then collapsed on a Ryanair flight a month or so later.

If you’re reading this whilst comfortably working in a senior management job that pays you six-figures a year (gross), you can’t see a time when you would ever be made redundant, and you don’t need to answer emails and calls at the weekends and on holiday – then good for you.

That’s not to say you’re not a Sleepwalking SOMBIE (Salary Only, Must Be Income Exposed), but at least you get some time and headspace away from lining your employers’ pocket.

I was in that six-figure a year bracket, just about, but I was never able to switch off as I spent the majority of 2013 to 2017 as a department of one at a fast-growing FinTech company.

The jobs included lots of travel (for the first half I covered 20 countries in my role, and the second half was back and forth from Yorkshire to Malta), and tonnes of stress.

Not the best situation when you’re also trying to raise a young family.

We came into an inheritance from my wife’s Nan in early 2017 and at that point I should have quit, problem was I hadn’t built up other streams of income when I should have (instead we increased our lifestyle to match my higher salaries, with only sun tans and photos from fun weekends away to show for it).

I was a Sleepwalking SOMBIE, and now I look back I’m glad I was.

Because it’s only having learned some hard lessons that I’ve figured out what I was doing wrong (and I’ve spent the couple of years since then learning what not to do over the rest of my life).

I’m in my late thirties so feel like I’ve had my epiphany early enough (although I obviously wish I’d had it earlier), and won’t have wasted this great opportunity called life.

There are better options out there compared to working your nuts off for someone else’s benefit, even if you continue down that road whilst building them up.

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All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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