Far too easy to get it wrong, and my magic eight/crystal ball is at the repair shop.

I will however agree with someone else’s, in this case the author of Crypto Revolution, Sam Volkering.

Sam’s a smart cookie Aussie, and had a blinder early on with crypto investing (he mentions his 30,000% return on Ripple quite a lot). He now teaches others how to invest in crypto through the Southbank Investment Research publishing house.

He was asked what he saw as the biggest opportunity in 2020, and he replied:

“Investing in UK-listed, predominately AIM sub-market, small and microcap stocks. Not to mention cryptocurrencies.”

That final part is a given, considering what he teaches.

But the first part is something I agree with, but maybe a bit lower down the turnover ladder.

If you know anything about the makeup of the FTSEs you’ll know that the majority of the FTSE 100 contains companies whose base currency is not GBP. This is because they do a lot of business with other countries, so they use EUR or USD instead.

The FTSE 250 on the other hand contains a lot of companies whose base currency is GBP, because they largely do business within the United Kingdom.

If you’re not doing much business with Europe, then are you really that bothered about how Brexit plays out?

Maybe not.

Now, analysing AIM sub-market small and microcap is something that sounds like a lot of work to me, and it’s unlikely I’ll be able to get a meeting with the CEO and Board to really do a deep enough dive.

But what I can do is meet with business owners and Boards of companies with revenues of between £1.5m and £10m, where the existing owner doesn’t fancy the upcoming Brexit malarkey, or simply is at a stage in life where they want to retire.

I can see a big opportunity in this area, especially when looking at B2B companies with a poor grip on their credit control and a non-existent marketing department.

As such, in the week leading up to Christmas I decided to invest a significant amount of money in order to partner up with a highly experienced mergers and acquisitions team in the US.

This will be my focus in 2020, and may lead to the creation of a new Guerrilla Investors product or two.
We’ll see.

Have you had your own thoughts about the biggest opportunities in 2020?

And if so, what are you doing about them?

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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