…For my bonuses bundle.

Statistics seem to vary depending on the age group, but it’s said that roughly 50% of UK adults have no savings.

Which proves to be a problem when the car breaks down, or some other unexpected bill pops up (or you overspend around Christmas).

My Spend It Wisely booklet was a bonus that went out to new monthly subscribers during 2019, with the intention of saving readers at least a few months’ worth of the subscription cost if they implemented an idea or two.

Some of the ideas you might already be doing, but I’ll be surprised if you’ve thought of (and implemented) all of them.

As such you can easily recoup the £20 cost of the GI bonuses.

The bonus-bonus comes in the form of sixteen videos I shot over the summer teaching ways to Create Your Own Bank (for investing), and Proptions – if you already have plenty of capital or plans for how to deploy some.

All of which means that those who buy this bundle will leverage my decade or so working in finance departments, risk qualifications, self-funded worldwide travel, and being reasonably smart with money.

In exchange for a round of drinks.

This email is going out first thing today as those who miss the point at which I decide to brave the post office will need to wait for snail mail to get back to normal.

Also, if you’ve purchased UUII or been a subscriber, you’ll have to decide for yourself if the other bonuses are still worth £20.

O come all ye faithful to this ‘ere link:


All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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