It must be true as my wife bought me a tea mug which says it.

Which I think is the evidence we’re all provided with for whatever oddities/geekiness we are each guilty of/love.

Essentially a friend/family member/partner gets you a beverage holder.

But I do love spreadsheets, although thankfully I only need to build them when I want to these days.

As opposed to my years as an analyst where I would be at the whims of senior bods – who would say they want to know something, and off you go.

Often these pieces of work would be given the usual corporate deadline (yesterday – haa-dee-haa), and would require me to simulate different scenarios.

What if the revenue was 10% higher?

What if the cost were 10% lower?

What if it took longer for the revenue to first arrive?

You get the idea.

Now when it comes to your personal finances and especially looking forward a decade or two:

What if that pension you’re paying into is worth zero when you want to retire?

What if the government keep moving the goalposts surrounding when you can access said pension?

What if you get zero inheritance from your parents/grandparents?

Again, you get the idea.

What ifs disappear or become less important if you’ve taken control of your financial future from an early enough age.

If you do that, you may care very little about the political element – you’ll be executing your strategy regardless.

Which sounds a lot less stressful than looking at the news each morning wondering what they’ve done/changed this time.

If the first ever GITogether, to be held in Portugal in April, had a theme – it would be how to decide if you want to pay an advisor or put into your pension ever again.

I’m not one for themes, so it won’t say this anywhere.

But again…

With the final website updates almost completed, you should get the full details about the event tomorrow.

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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