Which means if Jeremy Corbyn reads these emails, he won’t like them.

I mentioned yesterday how 99% of people won’t understand that here in the UK every single adult has the ability to earn tax-free income.

It’s true, achievable, and numerous professional investors are doing it.

I have no idea if following some of the strategies I talk about in Utterly Unregulated Investment Ideas will get you into the one percent, or if you even want to be in that club – all mileage varies as does discipline and patience.

But I sure as smeg know that having a portfolio of buy and hope shares is unlikely to do it.

As is maxing out your ISA allowance and putting it into a cash one.

Fun fact: starting with £20,000 today and getting the best instant access cash ISA rate of 1.44%, plus adding another £20,000 into this every year – is a massive waste of all of those twenty grands.

It compounds to £170,724 after eight years (but remember you’ve put £160,000 of that in) – which isn’t as interesting as one of the Utterly Unregulated Investment Ideas which delivered 80 times the initial investment over six years – remembering that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

That particular alternative investment is a big part of my personal plan, with the intention of teaching my kids how to carry it on when they hit adulthood/if I depart this world earlier than that.

Future proofing, having a plan B, getting a better return on your investments – whatever your intention, this forty-page booklet can fast track your financial plans.

And the beauty is that they’re all utterly unregulated, as in a lot of cases I don’t think it really matters if something is regulated or not – but I do think it matters whether you can invest in your education once and use that knowledge for a lifetime, or whether you’re tied to an adviser who wants a percentage of your funds each and every year until you die.

As I always like to reward the action takers, there’s a £150 discount off the normal price until midnight on Thursday 26th September (use UUII150 at the checkout).

As an extra bonus I will also give these customers access to an eight-part video series called Create Your Own Bank.

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