But it will depend on how warm Portugal is in April and if you book one of the twelve available spaces for the first ever…


Which is officially now open for registration!

I’m really excited about the event already, even though it’s four months away.

I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned about alternative investments with a room of people who are committed to taking control of their financial future, not leaving it to chance in others’ hands (and pockets).

The spaces are limited to twelve – this way we can take a deep dive into the topics and I’ll be able to answer any and all questions (or the person I’ve got to come over and talk will do so).

It will also be a good networking opportunity, and obviously we can continue discussions during dinner, drinks, and the Saturday afternoon activities.

And this is only really possible if I keep the numbers down.

If you miss out, you’ll need to wait until I schedule another event.

Like I said, spaces are limited to twelve and I’ll take a ruthless approach to that cut-off to be fair to those who committed early.

Especially when the cost is probably barely more than you would spend on a weekend away with your partner, and is significantly less than you’ll spend on your summer holiday.

If it’s of interest, head on over to the page below to get the full details (and why on earth do they call it a swimming ‘costume’?):


All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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