Ok so I don’t mean the chess piece of the smallest size and value (rubbish definition Google).

I actually mean one of the websites that gets some of the highest hits per month here in the UK. I’ve heard it referred to as pawn (not the right spelling).

I spend less and less time on there, but my wife is close to having an addiction to it.

And I just so happen to explain how to radically improve your searching on this site in Chapter Twelve of my Spend It Wisely booklet. This unique booklet is a freebie that gets sent out in the post to all new subscribers almost immediately after they sign up.

That chapter on its own could save you literally thousands of pounds in the not too distant future, if you know how to wield the information contained therein.

Those who haven’t just spent a few minutes with their heads in the gutter (misreading the entire email), can find the subscription info here:


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Stephen Wallis

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