My main aim now I’ve unplugged myself from the corporate job system is to create time and geographical freedom.

I was talking to a friend about this over the weekend, and said that since I left full time employment in July 2017 I’m only interested in work or income generating opportunities that I can do from anywhere on the planet.

Not just because of the rise in knife crime here in the UK, but it’s a factor.

As such I’ve turned down job interviews for Head of Risk opportunities as they were based in an office.

I’ve turned down ‘get to know each other calls’ with people on LinkedIn who want to talk about their latest investment topic for similar reasons.

Essentially, I prioritise my days based on what will get me closer to this number one goal.

The reason?

Because with time and geographical freedom I can take myself and my family off for six weeks in the school holidays, plus three at Easter and another couple at Christmas.

I can generate income from a few different laptop investments even while we’re away on these trips.

All without exchanging any more of my time for money than is absolutely necessary.

Because I’m also not a slave to my outgoings.

I have no idea if yours and my goals are similar, or totally different.

But I do know that by learning about the alternative investment world over the past few years I’ve taken massive jumps forward towards my main objectives.

I’m hoping the last few years have done the same for you.

Subscribers are leveraging my knowledge and experience, only you can decide if you see a return on investment from doing the same.

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All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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