As I write this, I’m roughly 69.69696969% (recurring) through a fantastic book called Daylight Robbery by Dominic Frisby (368 minutes into the 528).

Firstly, yes that is one amazing surname.

Secondly, yes I’m a numbers geek (and found this % by accident).

Thirdly, get your mind out of the gutter.

This book is all about the history of tax, which couldn’t sound more boring if it tried, but is actually one of the most interesting and important books I’ve read in years.

If you truly want to take control of your financial future, and learn about how insidious the process of taxation is, it’s a must read/listen.

You’ll be pretty appalled to learn about how tax has only fairly recently been taken at source (through income tax).

And it will hopefully make you think much more long-term when you realise how much of a future burden governments are putting on their citizens through things like quantitative easing and money printing (the bulk of this may be saved for a later email about Modern Monetary Theory, which is equally mind blowing).

So how can you, dear reader, get away with daylight robbery?

By maximising your tax-free allowances of course.

£36,250 a year is the current magic number in the UK, often increasing year-on-year as the personal allowance gets pushed up (knocked down by the change to dividend allowances, but bumped up again by things such as the ‘Airbnb’ tax).

As an understanding of these allowances is a logical starting point for any investor, I go through them in the first of the thirteen chapters in my Spend It Wisely booklet.

This immediately actionable super-quick read forms one third of my bonuses bundle; the others being a video series teaching ways to Create Your Own Bank, and a video series about Proptions (aka ways to ‘get into’ property).

This bonus bundle is never on offer, as they’re daylight robbery in their own right at just £20 all in.

The videos tend to be with you on the same day as purchase, with the booklet landing through your letterbox a few days after.

Here’s where to find the details:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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