So it looks like Mr Woodford did ok last year, even though his investors did not.

Apparently his business partner and he took home £14m in dividends in the twelve months to March 2019, however as at last week his investors remained trapped in the Woodford equity fund.

Not great.

This relying on fund managers malarkey doesn’t appeal, however having independent control over where to put your investable cash/pension funds, most certainly does.

Teaching people how to take control of their equity investments is what my good friend Greg Robinson teaches over at Fire Revolution.

We’re overdue a catch up over a couple of beers, so before then I asked him whether he has any spare places for his upcoming courses.

January is fully booked, and February is already about 50% taken.

If you want to get in before that hits 100% you can head on over here to download a copy of his brochure:

Greg then kindly gets on a call with anyone who thinks the course might be of interest – which in a world of funky fund management, might not be your worst idea.

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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